Sequel to "The Reader of Acheron"--"The Literate Thief" Available now!

Hey all!
I'm very pleased to announce the release of the sequel to 'The Reader of Acheron.' 'The Literate Thief' is available on Amazon now! This book has just been "born" so it needs some love. Love comes in the form of reviews, shout outs on amazon, heck, even liking the Amazon page helps a ton.

I hope you all enjoy this book. I have a certain number of review copies available so write me at WalterRhein @ if you're interested. But if you have the means, please grab a copy. The verified purchase review goes a lot further in Amazon's metrics to help push this book.

Looking forward to reading reviews, the initial word has been good, and I'm hard at work on the 3rd volume.

Cheers and best to everyone!