Words with Tom Fallwell author of "A Whisper in the Shadows"

Can you tell us a little bit about A Whisper In The Shadows?

The series, Rangers of Laerean, is about a group of heroes that are renowned throughout the fantasy world which I have created. A Whisper In The Shadows is the first book in that series, and also part 1 of a 3 part story within that series. So it is also the first book in a trilogy that introduces the reader to the fantasy world of Hir. The story is a heroic tale of one of the best of the Rangers, a man called Baric, who will be a prominent figure in most of the books in the series as whole. Readers will learn much about the history and lore of Hir and about the character of the Rangers.

What's your background with writing?

I am very new to writing, but not to the creation of stories and characters. I always wanted to write, but as a software developer, I never had much time to pursue it. My background is basically as a GM, or Game Master, playing table-top, pen and paper role playing games. I created adventures and stories for players to experience and enjoy with their own created characters. I love story-telling, and now that I am retired from computer programming, I have the time to pursue what I always wanted. I started writing just last year, and will continue to do so, regardless of whether or not I am considered successful. I have so many stories inside me. I feel compelled to write them down.

Who are your inspirations/influences?

My biggest influence would be J.R.R. Tolkien, without a doubt. The fantastic world he created has been a leading inspiration for me for decades. I was a young man when I first read The Hobbit, then Lord of the Rings. I even went on to read the Silmarillion. I was completely amazed at how he created a whole world with social, political and elements of economy and language, varied races and professions. I have always desired to do that kind of world building, and though I would never put myself at the same level as Tolkien, I hope to build a world rich in history and lore, just as he did.

Who was responsible for the cover/book design?

I am not an artist, so I found an image online that, in my mind, was the spitting image of Baric, the main antagonist in my book. It was the perfect image, so I purchased it and created my own book cover with it. For the next book in the series, I have engaged a professional artist.

What are you doing in terms of marketing/publicity?

I have been active in social media mostly, and learning how to market myself and my books. I have only been at this a few months, but have learned a lot and plan to setup some book signings with local bookstores to start. I am also looking at finding events to attend. Since I am just getting started, I have been active on Facebook and Twitter, and on Goodreads, plus a few other sites that feature books and authors.

Do you have any stories from book signings/radio interviews/etc.?

I have submitted a couple of interviews in the past month or two, but they have not yet been published. I am sure I will get some interesting anecdotes or tales down the road. In fact, I look forward to the future and expect funny and sad things to happen, eventually.

What is the name of your blog and what can readers expect to find there?

I am actively running two blogs, one as an author, and one as a book reviewer. Both are located on my website at TomFallwell.com. My official author blog is located here, and is called, Tom’s Blog.

What projects do you have planned for the future?

I am working currently on book #2 of the Rangers of Laerean series, which will be entitled, Where Shadows Fall. The story that begins in A Whisper In The Shadows will be wrapped up in a third book, untitled as yet. Future books, beyond that, in the series will feature different antagonists from among the Rangers introduced in this initial trilogy, as well as more about Baric. I also have plans for some short stories and novellas also based in the world of Hir.

Is there anything else about you we should know?

You should know that I am a great fan of heroic fantasy and will always endeavor to tell stories that I think such fans will enjoy. I do not intend to be an elusive author and welcome meeting other authors and readers, especially those with interests in fantasy fiction. I have a Facebook page and can be found on Twitter as @RhemaTom. I am also active on Goodreads. It would be my pleasure to meet with my readers and listen to them, discuss with them, and share with them.