Interview with Mary R. Woldering, Author of The Children of Stone Series

Can you tell us a little bit about Children of Stone – the Series? 

This is a series more in the category of Historical Epic Fantasy in that it takes place in the real Earth we know but long ago, and with speculative or fantastic goings on. I have published 2 of a proposed 6 book series. Book 1 is Voices in Crystal. Book 2 is Going Forth By Day. I am working on the third and will publish it sometime in 2016 It will be Opener of the Sky. 

The elevator speech is:

Remnants of an alien race of gods, wizards, shape-shifters, heroic mortals, immortals, slowly transform into the gods of ancient days. Like ancient superheroes, they wander through the reality of legend, RESHAPING myth and history. 

What's your background in writing? 

I’ve always written. From time to time I took Creative Writing classes but never received a degree in it. It’s a lifelong hobby/obsession.

Who are your inspirations/influences? 

Robert E. Howard, Evangeline Walton, Edgar Allan Poe, for writers…My Dad and Joseph Campbell as personal “hero” influencers.

What was it like working with Createspace?

Pretty good. For my first book they were very helpful in setup and design, but expensive. For the second book I had a few arguments about cover design, but they were resolved. The tricky thing is that you want to have everything ready to go before you hit “send” because changes cost money.

Who was responsible for the cover/book design?

Createspace for both covers.

What are you doing in terms of marketing/publicity? 

Anything that works. (Not much does) I have an Author Page which is the closest thing I have to a blog, enter takeovers, advertise daily on Twitter, go to any event that might have a potential buyer, give interviews and make speeches. I also give (for buyers of my print copies) handmade one-of-a-kind made to order bookmarks made of stones, glass, ribbon & copper wire as SWAG.

Do you have any stories from book signings/radio interviews/etc.? 

The strangest one was in August, my spouse announces he’s going to the Hewlett Packard Handheld Calculator Convention in Nashville. I state I would take a few books to sell. I’m then told I would have to give a 30 minute or so talk with slides on self-publishing. I did and here’s the link.

What is the name of your blog and what can readers expect to find there? 

I’m severely technically challenged. At this point I do not have a working blog or website and no e-mail list. I’ve never learned how to create an integrated site that does all that for free (they all cost to be fully active.) One can reach me on my Author Page on Facebook

There people see excerpts, a bit of my writing history and influences, music…links to my clowning around the ‘net and really nice photos/hack sketches.

What projects do you have planned for the future? 

Finishing the series about 1 book per year, working on a Steampunk short story, LEARNING TECH, creating a blog and website that work.

Is there anything else about you we should know? 

I’m a grandmother of 3, a retiree, a crone, and an all around crazy person, just loving my writing. I hope I can sell some books.

Thank You
Mary R. Woldering, Author

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