Hail the Dragon Eaters!

The dragon eaters have come!

It has been fun to watch Heroika perform on Amazon since its release a few weeks ago. I've worked with Janet Morris on several projects over the years, but this is the first time I've participated in one of her anthologies. It's great fun to watch the interviews and articles written about the book get promoted by the other authors in anthology. It's also fun to watch the positive reviews trickle in.

I'm pretty familiar with the works of most of the authors in this book. Quite a lot of them hang around on the Heroic Fantasy Facebook group, so check that out and say hello. We've even had a few writers stop by and inquire about joining forces with us. The best way to go about doing something like that is to pick up a copy of Heroika and write a review. We do read the reviews, and believe me a review is read with much greater attention than a query letter (that's just human nature--take advantage of it whenever you can).

If you're curious about Heroika, here are a couple interviews I've done recently about it:

Do check out a copy of Heroika, it's great fun and if you're a fan of dragons this is a must have addition to your personal library.

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