Alexandra Butcher releases "Tales of Erana: Volume I"

Here's another little book that you all need to go out and pick up. A. L. Butcher's "Tales of Erana: Volume 1." At 108 pages, it's a slim volume, but it's filled with quality work that's going to leave you wanting more. Here's the back cover copy:

Erana is a world of magic, and although forbidden the magic persists for magic is wild and will not yield to law. It is a world ruled by oppression but hope walks in shadow, ever watching for a chance to flourish. It is a world where there is love and despair in equal measure. These are the tales and myths from such a world. A collection of short fantasy tales set in the mythical world of Erana. *All previously published elsewhere this is the first time the stories can be found together.

Check out my review, and get your own copy on Amazon, here.

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