Vote For Heroic Fantasy Writers in Preditors and Editors Poll

Hey Folks,
A lot of the writers who frequent the Heroic Fantasy group on Facebook have books listed on the Preditors and Editors poll.  To vote, all you have to do is click on the selection and provide an email.  My novel, "The Reader of Acheron" is featured (and it's listed twice for some reason),   To vote for it, just click this link and scroll down until you find it (it's in the Science Fiction and Fantasy novel category).

There are also a bunch of relevant books listed in the anthologies category which can be found here.  "Nine Heroes" is listed as well as "Poets in Hell" (also listed twice).

I also see there are several short stories by Teel James Glenn listed in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories category.  The story is "Witness to Death" which appears in "Nine Heroes."

I'm always a little skeptical about competitions like this.  I think they're designed to generate a good email list rather than really draw attention to any books.  However, I suppose it can't hurt to do well in a venue like this.  So please click here and provide a vote for "The Reader of Acheron."

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