Heroic Fantasy Writers Featured on Roundtable Podcast

Hey Folks,

I'm pleased to announce that a recent podcast I participated in along with Tom Barczak, Chris and Janet Morris,and Uvi Poznansky just went live.  You can listen to it here. Dave Robison puts this on and he did an excellent job as our host.

Our topic was to discuss Audiobooks and how they fit in with the oral tradition of literature.  The direction of the conversation took me a little bit by surprise. I had prepared for a general discussion but the other panelists came prepared with specific stories about the audiobooks they'd produced.  I do have an audiobook, you can get it here if you're interested, but I wasn't really involved in the book's production.  The audiobook was put together by my former publisher Rhemalda--and honestly I haven't even listened to it (however, I'm sure it's brilliant and you should all download 50,000 copies).

The result of all this was that I kind of fell into the devil's advocate position throughout the discussion.  That wasn't particularly by design, although I tend to fall into that position quite frequently.  

I'd be curious to hear your reactions to this podcast.  We had some great writers participate.  Here are links to their Amazon pages:

And again, here is the link to the podcast, it's FREE so if you have a few minutes you might find it enjoyable.  Please leave your comments either on the Roundtable page or on this blog (or both), I'll be checking in on them!

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  1. It was a fabulous conversation, Walter, and I'm glad you were apart of it. I agree... it went in some different directions (as these things do) but I felt everyone's contributions were vital and wove an intriguing tapestry of inspiration. We'll do this again! :D