"The Bone Sword" Has Been Re-Released by Harren Press

I'm pleased to announce that Harren Press has just re-released my novel "The Bone Sword."  The book has been giving a face lift with a new cover and a complete re-edit.  The book has actually been available on Amazon for a couple days, but we've been waiting for all the reviews to switch over to the new listing as well as to make sure the paperback and kindle versions link to each other.  Amazon never seems to be in any rush to take care of details like these.

"The Bone Sword" was originally published with Rhemalda back in 2010.  The novel is a quick, action-based fantasy designed to keep the reader entertained and on the edge of your seat.  I wrote the book while living in Lima, Peru in a tiny apartment I was renting with my girlfriend (now wife) for $120 or so a month.  The thing I remember best about that apartment is that we once discovered the landlady's daughter inside our room without permission.  It turned out that she used to learn the schedule of everyone in the building, then she'd sneak into the rooms when they were out and steal coins, etc.  I changed the locks after that and we didn't have another issue.  Still, it was kind of creepy.  Had she stolen my laptop, this book wouldn't exist.

"The Bone Sword" was originally accepted for publication from Rhemalda Publishing.  Rhemalda was a traditional publisher at the time, but they've since relaunched themselves as a book designer.  Check out their web page here.

Prior to Rhemalda, I'd worked with Epress-online (now defunct).  Rhemalda did a good job, and I think "The Bone Sword" was the second book they released.  The original cover really wasn't up to standard though, so I'm glad to get a new one on the re-release.  Rhemalda's covers got a lot better with other books, including my bestseller so far: "Beyond Birkie Fever."

When Rhemalda ceased operations as a traditional publisher, they returned the rights to all their books to the authors which was a pretty classy move on their part.  There's an amusing thread on Absolute Write where a bunch of snobby writers who don't know anything discuss "red flags" from Rhemalda.  I bet they'd all be surprised to know that the publisher would do something as awesome as return rights to all their authors when they ceased operations.  This is why I don't waste too much time on sites like Absolute Write.  You can read that thread here.

I spent quite a while looking to place "The Bone Sword."  By then I'd already started work on a new series for Perseid called "The Slaves of Erafor."  I was having a great experience working with Perseid, but I felt "The Bone Sword" might get lost in the shuffle there, so I reached out to Jesse Duckworth of Harren about publishing it.  Jesse jumped at the chance and here we are with a new release!

It's great to see "The Bone Sword" getting another chance with a new front cover.  I have fond feelings for this book since it was the first work of mine that Rhemalda accepted, and in many ways "Bone Sword" and Rhemalda really gave me a jump start as a writer.  I think I've evolved substantially as an author since it was released, but those of you who like my work will find plenty to enjoy in this book.  I still get messages from readers asking me when I plan on writing a sequel to this (hopefully I'll get to it in the spring of 2015--Harren said they'd be interested in publishing a sequel).

One interesting little tidbit is that this is the book I sent to Janet Morris which made her interested enough in my writing to request I work up a concept for Perseid--resulting in "The Reader of Acheron."  She heard about "The Bone Sword" because I posed a couple absolutely terrible reviews this book has received.  Here is, I believe, the only 1 star review I've managed to generate on Amazon.  Also, here's a pretty ridiculous treatment of the book on a web page called Future Fire.  I put a comment on that page asking if they'd like to read my latest book and they never answered me...so there you go :) .

As you can see, I'm looking to generate a bit more love for this novel.  If any of you are interested in a review copy, please contact me at: walterrhein@gmail.com.  I have quite a few of the old blue cover ones available, and would be happy to send them out for Amazon reviews.  Those of you who already have copies, please throw a couple words up on Amazon for me.  I want Harren to know that they've got a winner on their hands.

Thanks all, and if you wish to buy a paperback or kindle version of the new release, click here!

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