Review of "Unrelenting" by Travis Ludvigson

A Great Kindle Unlimited Find!

I grabbed this book for free off Kindle Unlimited and was delighted by it. “Unrelenting” is a fast-paced action thriller that you can read in a matter of hours. At 108 pages, it’s just the right length. “Unrelenting” is not so long that you have to click the page button fifty times just to see your progress bar go up one percent, and it’s not so short that there is nothing to sink your teeth into. This is the perfect size novel for a trip that involves a lot of waiting or sitting. It’s a solid story, but not with so much nuance that the effect is lost if you have to take multiple breaks.

While reading this, I was reminded of Jim Roberts’s “Code of War” books. The action revolves around a group of military men who go on a camping trip in Wisconsin to process the grief their sharing over the loss of a friend. While they’re out camping, they end up being stalked by a mysterious creature prone to dismembering local wildlife and leaving the gory carcasses hanging from trees.

It sounds a bit like “Predator” but there are some surprises as to what the origin of the stalking creature is. Also, the real strength of this book is how the characters are developed in the first half. These are a bunch of military warriors attempting to process their grief, and Ludvigson does a great job showing this in a way that is believable and realistic. Because they are Rangers and Air Force men, they aren’t going all to pieces. In fact, they mainly just drink beer and try to tell jokes. But there is a nice nuance of real pain in their banter. I thought the first half of this book was probably the most compelling part, and once the characters are established, the action starts to take off.

“Unrelenting” is a quick and exciting read that is a good choice for someone who is looking for a couple hours of entertainment. The fact that it’s free on Kindle Unlimited makes it a no-brainer. Reading “Unrelenting” is far more entertaining than the alternative of wasting time perusing garbage articles on the internet. The fact that there is some real solid writing skill on display, especially in the first half, makes “Unrelenting” a slam-dunk.

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