Perseid Press Announces the Release of "Poets in Hell"

Perseid has just gone live with "Poets In Hell" the latest in their shared world series of Hell Books (and currently priced at a devilish $6.66).  The book features stories by Janet Morris, Chris Morris, Nacy Asire, Jack William Finley, Deborah Koren, Matthew Kirshenblatt, Bruce Durham, Larry Atchley Jr., Tom Barczak, and Joe Bonadonna.

Check out the book description from Amazon:

"The best, the worst, and ugliest bards in perdition vie for Satan's favor as poets slam one another, Satan's Fallen Angels smirk up their sleeves, and the illiterati have their day. Find out why the damned deserve their fates as Hell's hacks sink to new poetical depths! 

The first Bible writer drafts a deal with the Devil. Attila the Hun learns his punishment's just begun. Mary Shelley and Victor Frankenstein make a monstrous mistake. Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp get their unjust deserts. Hell's Undertaker goes on holiday. The Damned Poets Society slams away. A nameless soul shows Dorothy Parker that fame is a bitch. 

In the underworlds, injustice always reigns: Join us and our damnedest poets for the crookedest poetry festival in perdition where language comes to die and no rhyme goes unpunished."


  1. Thanks for doing such a fine job with this, Walter.

  2. Great article and so proud to be a part of this wonderful group!

    1. Glad to have you Yelle! Let me know if you want to do some book reviews!