Shells interviews Jordan Leleika author of Day's Light: The Clock of Eternity

Can you tell us a bit about what Day's Light: The Clock of Eternity is about?       

Days's Light is an event in a timeline that tells of a young girl born of strange circumstances, and her run in with some of the most powerful dark forces a magical world has to offer her. The first book is simply Arya, as well as the reader, being introduced to a world that lies on top of reality with its own laws of magic, but it's fair share of perils as well. 

Where did the idea for Day's Light: The Clock of Eternitycome from?
 Day's Light stem from when I was 15 and felt it was time to write a story that involved my own characters, not just adoring the ones i saw on tv, played in video games, or read about. It mirrored my mind and was originally meant to be a single book, although it was hardly a book. At only 15 pages I had written it from start to finish. Since then I had rewritten it countless times, through 3 generations of itself, until i concocted what is there today, along with four more books on the way....and a whole timeline to boot.   

When reading this, I can swept up in the surroundings of the story. Did the characters come first for you when writing Day's Light: The Clock of Eternity or did the background?  

 Blaze was first, although he had a different name, and I followed him through a rudimentary setting of Chicago only to decide I wanted him to change a bit. I created Luminasia after i wrote the setting in Chicago and Arya was born. ORIGINALLY The book was in first person and Blaze had been turned into a girl by Lucifer. When Sarah and Julia found Blaze the way he was, previously named Alviar, they adopted him and named him Arya instead. Obviously....this has changed alot since then, but in what way I won't reveal. It's up to people to read and find out! 

Arya seems like a strong character. How best would you describe her? 

As a person? Love of my life, haha. She, even if i had created Blaze first, has become such an evolutionary person with me it's astounding. I've seen her grow in many different ways since she woke up on that beach. (That's always been the same) Arya is a frightful girl, she's slightly clumsy and tends to be a bit air headed. However, very quickly she adapts to the situations around her. Arya is a girl who has very little weakness. It's not as if she can;t be defeated, but it's that she refuses to give up! Her friends fuel her, her love to protect them drives her! 

Lucifer is a brilliant villain. How important did you feel it was to make this character stand out?   

Extremely. In my universe there are very few creatures more powerful than he. My villains all share a same trait- no B.S. Alot of movies and what not will have villains spewing nonsense about their plans, or doing things that stretch the clock out instead of just killing their prey. Not Lucifer. Though he has become confident in his power and he does take many things slowly, he is ruthless and tolerates very little. Cross his path the wrong way, and you'll see how he stands out. 

Where can readers buy Day's Light: The Clock of Eternity 

Right now readers can buy Day's Light: The Clock of Eternity from many online websites, the best being or You can purchase from as well, my publisher, but they'll take too long printing it. 

Is there works in the future you wish to share with readers?

 I laugh at this question. Only because the answer couldn't be a bigger 'yes'. The Day's Light series is an event that happens on a timeline that directly correlates with our own. I have planned in a timeline about 33 different 'events' 7 or 8 of which are series while the other 25 are stand alone books. It's more than possible I will be adding more. After all, the future is ever changing.  

Where can readers learn more about you?  

 Right now readers can look me up at Day's Light  on facebook. I will be making an author's page on facebook soon, as well as the Day's Light website will be open after the final stages of building are finished. (not sure how long)  I can also be found on Goodreads if you search Jordan Leleika. 

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