Interview with Pembroke Sinclair-Appeal of Evil

How is writing YA novels different than other novel types for you?

YA is different from my adult novels because most of my teen characters don’t have as much experience with the world as my adult characters do, so they’re a little naïve.  As they gain experience, they usually get a little wiser and less whiny. 

How much of you goes into each story?

You know, there’s probably some, you can’t write anything without part of you being in it, but for the most part, I try to imagine situations that I have never been in before.  It gives me and my characters a chance to figure out how to react and what the consequences of those reactions could be. 

This is not your typical teenage romance novel. Where did the idea for Appeal of Evil come from?

The idea for The Appeal of Evil came from thinking about Twilight and how women, especially teen girls, go about deciding who to be in a relationship with.  I was thinking about the notion that women gravitate toward the “bad boy” and why that is.  It got me to thinking:  what if that bad boy was really bad, like demon-from-hell bad, what would happen then?  This story is me trying to figure that out.

Tell us about the character of Katie. How did she come about?

As I thought about relationships, I knew that my main character needed to be a little naïve and perhaps a bit jaded when it came to boys.  She needed to have been hurt before so that her judgment would be a little clouded.  She thinks she knows what’s going on in the world, but she really doesn’t, and she has to learn how to live and love in a world that is different from her expectations.

There are some twists and turns and of course teenage drama, how long did it take to write this?
I believe it initially took me three months to write, then probably six to nine to revise.

What is the one thing you wish readers to get from The Appeal of Evil?


Is there any work in the future you can tell readers about?

Currently, I am working on a nonfiction book about zombies entitled Eww-Eek-Aah!:  The Science of Zombies.  It looks at how zombies are metaphors for societal fears about science.  I am also working on the sequel to The Appeal of Evil, which is entitled Dealing with the Devil.

Where can readers pick up a copy of The Appeal of Evil?

Where can readers get in contact with you?

Twitter:  @PembrokeSinclai


Email:  pembrokesinclair [at] hotmail [dot] com

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