Interview with Robert Hastings-The Red Dog Road

Can you tell readers a bit about The Red Dog Road? 

The Red Dog takes the reader through a roller coaster of emotions, profound loss, and having your life turned inside out.

Alex O'Brien has recently retired from the Marine Corp, he and Jessie are looking forward to new life away from California, the congestion and constant violence that is daily in the news. They are ready for a change and a small ranch in Montana, couldn't be any bigger. The reader learn about true friendship and brotherhood through Alex's eyes and the eyes of the other characters, this something they share and carry with them, it is a part of who they all are. The reader will also experience twists and turns and how far one individual is willing to go for justice.

What inspired you when writing The Red Dog Road?

 It was a story I was comfortable writing. I grew up in rural Donegal, Pennsylvania, on a Red Dog Road, which is where the title came from. I'm fortunate to have the ability to let myself go to places that I pray I will never have to experience. As a former career military man I understand the life long brotherhood, the sacrifice, loss. I know the dark side where we all hope we never have to go. 

Did your military background help you when you wrote this?

 Yes, all of the men and women I had the privilege of serving with, helped me with developing the characters for the book. I've known and know individuals who were very good at their jobs. I grew up shooting and hunting, not any longer, but I do shoot, I built a rifle that I enjoy taking to the range. I'm not the caliber of Alex O'Brien but I can put the round where I want it to go.

How would you best describe Alex O'Brien? 

Alex is a marine, once a marine always a marine. He's extremely proud of his Irish American heritage. Alex is grounded, calculated in his actions.

There is nothing he does that he hasn't seen the outcome in his minds eye. His skills he learned in the Marine Corp are apart of who he is. Alex has a dry sarcastic wit that isn't
appreciated by everyone. He enjoys the banter shared with Hal that goes back to their days serving together. Alex will break into song a some strange times, but it makes him who
he is.

What was your favorite thing about writing The Red Dog Road?

 Not having to worry about illustrations. I enjoyed being able to completely engulf myself in the characters especially Alex. Those who know me best say they see me in Alex. Writing through the eyes of Alex O'Brien allowed me to go to places in my mind and to approach it as if it happened to me.

What are you hoping readers get from reading this story?

 I want the reader to experience a full range of emotions and to find themselves asking what if and how would they deal with all that come Alex's way. I want them to route for and ask for more of Alex O'Brien.

Will there be more stories involving Alex O'Brien?

 Yes, I've been ask by several readers when to expect the follow on to The Red Dog Road, I'm currently working on it.

Where can readers buy The Red Dog Road?

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