Awesome! The "Beyond" Trilogy just Miraculously Appeared at My House!

Hey, this is excellent!  I went downstairs and found a big box awaiting me.  I expected it to be the advance copy of "The Reader of Acheron" but it was too big for one book.  Well, when I opened it up, guess what I found? That's right!  The entire "Beyond" trilogy!

I'd seen the cover art before, but having these books in hand is a whole different experience.  The cover art is awesome and the books look great.  This is sweet, it's like an early Christmas present!

Now it's just a matter of finding time to read them (both my kids are asleep at the moment, so I have 15 more minutes...which is why I have time to write this).  I'll get to these the second I'm done with (the excellent) Tears in Heaven by RA McCandless.  I do have a couple more books on my reading list, but I think when people send me beautiful hard copies of their novels they earn the right to jump the queue.  Actually, I've been promising Janet Morris reviews on these for some time, so I better get my reading goggles on!

To check out these books on Amazon, scroll down to the buttons below.  Again, thanks Perseid!

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