Janet Morris to Re-Release "Beyond Trilogy" with 50K Additional Words!

I just received word that within 24 hours, Janet Morris will re-release her entire "Beyond" trilogy with 50k words of additional scenes and insights over the three books.  I assume that the delay is just waiting for Amazon to go live with these books (I'll post the official link here as soon as it becomes available).

This is the most books ever released at one time for Perseid Press, so this is kind of a landmark day.

I've been informed that review copies are available, if interested I suggest you look for contact information at the aforementioned publisher page, or seek out Janet Morris on the Heroic Fantasy Facebook page.  Actually, if you're interested, just send me an email at walterrhein at gmail dot com and I'll pass on the news.

"Beyond the Veil" and "Beyond Wizardwall" have never been available as e-books, so this is pretty cool.  This re-release with the additional material is designed, in part, to combat the various pirate sites that have been offering these books for years.  So, to borrow from one of the great fantasy writers, "those who approve of courtesy (at least) to living authors will purchase it and no other."

Here are the links (click on the book covers):


  1. Walter, thanks so much for posting this. You truly hit the mark. jem