About Heroic Fantasy Writers

HeroicFantasyWriters.com was conceived in a discussion on the Heroic Fantasy Facebook Group.  The group has been experiencing tremendous growth lately, and one of our members thought it might be nice to have a tie-in web page to go along with the group.  So, after about 15 hours of wrestling with blogger's idiotic template designer...this page now exists.

HeroicFantasyWriters.com will allow members the opportunity to post items here that are more suited to the internet than to a Facebook group.  This page is also linked to the Facebook Group so anything posted here will immediately be exposed to the 1,700+ members of Heroic Fantasy, as well as to the Facebook pages of our contributors.

This page will discuss and promote fantasy authors in the following ways:

  • Featured Cover Background image:  The background of this page will change monthly to highlight a different novel.  The featured novel will also appear in a thumbnail in the upper left corner of the main page.
  • Reviews: We are developing a list of reviewers for this page.
  • Interviews: Our contributors will post interviews on this page.
  • Cover Reveals/Book Giveaways/Etc.:  Essentially we're willing to do anything to promote somebody's book.

This whole concept is still in the planning phase and we are currently looking for contributors (note: we're OK with posting reprints here).  This is not a full-time proposition, nor is it limited to Fantasy writers.  However, working knowledge of typical blog interfaces is preferred.  If you want an invite to contribute to this page, please send an email to: walterrhein at gmail dot com.