A Very Early Anthology Notice

Hello one and all.

In light of the fact that the Heroic Fantasy Group is currently working hard on producing our first anthology together we potentially have a great idea for a second anthology, a kind of companion piece to the first.

While the first anthology deals with the theme of what it means to be heroic ( I personally cannot wait to read it.) The second anthology hopes to explore an equally important theme, that strangely hasn't seemed to have been tackled by any anthology I've read.

I'm talking of course about the journey. Now we all know that the destination is the ultimate goal but it is the journey where the various characters truly discover themselves. It is the journey where the naive boy/girl gains the experience and training necessary to become a king/queen. It is the journey where the heartless warrior earns a heart e.t.c.

Unsurprisingly the members of this group love fantasy and this new anthology will be a great chance to do something other anthologies haven't.  There is a lot of versatility in writing for this anthology, whether it be an emotional journey inward or a physical journey outward.

Perhaps you have a character that you love, but for whatever reason weren't able to explore their journey in your main story. For those of you with detailed maps of your created worlds I am quite certain that there is a legendary island or lost land that you would love to have the chance to explore but couldn't because it didn't fit in with your main story. This anthology would be the perfect place for you to take such journeys with your characters.

While I do consider this second anthology to be a companion piece to the first, it doesn't have to be directly tied with what you have written for the first anthology. You also do not have to have been apart of the first anthology to be apart of this second one.

Much like the first anthology the second will deal with a theme (the journey) but it will be completely up to you the way you see that journey taking place as well as how your character takes that journey.

Please keep in mind that I am aware that many of you have a number of projects that you are working on ( I have four myself at this very moment). The priority of this group at the moment is to get the first anthology edited and published. So it will probably be a good 6 months before this second anthology can get moving.

Given the uniqueness of this anthology I thought it would be best to mention it now and give you all ample time to have a really good think about it. Provided of course enough of us are interested in this second anthology, an official announcement will be posted sometime down the line.

For now allow this idea to stew in the back of your mind while you get some of your other projects finished. Speaking of which I better get back to it!

Look forward to working with you on this anthology when it becomes official.      


  1. I love the idea. The journey always means the most to me. You've read A Song of Betrayal. I love adventure fantasy and I would love to take part in this. Currently, I do have too much on my plate. However, by then, I should be ready and I want in (baring that the first piece I send you doesnt change your mind on an invite).

    1. By Harren (the god not the publisher), I hope not Jesse ha ha. But we will have to sort out the specifics of the second anthology further down the line. Until then let the ideas stew in the back of your mind.

  2. It's always good to line up new projects! People who are interested might as well comment here!

  3. Me please, there are several characters and ideas from my novels which could be used.

  4. Walter, my Google handle is JEM, but Tempus Thales is interested.