Janet Morris to Re-Release "Beyond Trilogy" with 50K Additional Words!

I just received word that within 24 hours, Janet Morris will re-release her entire "Beyond" trilogy with 50k words of additional scenes and insights over the three books.  I assume that the delay is just waiting for Amazon to go live with these books (I'll post the official link here as soon as it becomes available).

This is the most books ever released at one time for Perseid Press, so this is kind of a landmark day.

I've been informed that review copies are available, if interested I suggest you look for contact information at the aforementioned publisher page, or seek out Janet Morris on the Heroic Fantasy Facebook page.  Actually, if you're interested, just send me an email at walterrhein at gmail dot com and I'll pass on the news.

"Beyond the Veil" and "Beyond Wizardwall" have never been available as e-books, so this is pretty cool.  This re-release with the additional material is designed, in part, to combat the various pirate sites that have been offering these books for years.  So, to borrow from one of the great fantasy writers, "those who approve of courtesy (at least) to living authors will purchase it and no other."

Here are the links (click on the book covers):

Cover Reveal "Tears in Heaven" by R.A. McCandless

Cover Reveal Tears of Heaven Urban Fantasy From R.A. McCandless

In the past, the children of angels and humans, the Nephilim, were allowed to lead their lives as they willed.  But they proved too strong, too ambitious, and too cunning for their own good.  They became warlords, conquerors and emperors.  They caused war and strife until the Throne stepped in and forced them to submit to Its will, or die.

Unlike most of her fellows, Del, one of the first Nephilim, had no interest in conquest and domination.  In the ancient past, prior to the Throne’s interdiction, she met and fell in love with Dami, a Mediterranean ship captain and trader.  Together, they face down pirates and storms and try to create a future together.

In the present, Del unwillingly works for the Throne, obeying the commands of the angel Ahadiel.  She helps to keep the world safe from the horrors of escaped demons.  At the same time, she keeps herself in the Throne’s good graces.  Whenever a rogue demon breaks free from Hell, she and her partner, Marrin, another Nephilim, work together to banish it.

Thrilling danger, fast-paced adventure, high-seas action, and heart-warming romance fill this novel, with a page-turning story that won’t let you put it down.
December 2013

Introducing the Heroic Fantasy Writers Calendar

Hey Folks,

I had one of those sleepless nights last night, so I ended up tinkering away at this blog.  One of the things that I came up with was the idea of a  Heroic Fantasy Calendar.  If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can see the Calendar itself.  You'll note it doesn't have much on it yet, so I guess we'll see if it starts getting used.

I thought it would be nice to post upcoming dates for such things as:

  • Book releases
  • Cover reveals
  • Scheduled interviews
  • Deadlines for books/stories/articles
This calendar will be useful for both readers (who just want to know what stuff is coming up), and the writers (who are involved in projects and need reminders).

I sent out a bunch of invites to this calendar last night, in case you were wondering what that new stuff cluttering your inbox was.

The thing that prompted this calendar was Shane Porteous's announcement yesterday of another anthology.  It might be nice to put a date on the calendar to remind us to revisit this anthology in three months or so (I believe you can set up an alert where the calendar sends you an email reminder...which is awesome).

Anyway, like always we're just starting out with this "collective mind" concept.  This is just another tool to be utilized.  I like the fact that it lays out information in a different format than just keeping track of emails in your inbox.  It's nice to just scan an image and see who has a book getting published and when.

Just don't use it to post when you're going to the dentist or whatever...use your personal google calendar for that :) !

A Very Early Anthology Notice

Hello one and all.

In light of the fact that the Heroic Fantasy Group is currently working hard on producing our first anthology together we potentially have a great idea for a second anthology, a kind of companion piece to the first.

While the first anthology deals with the theme of what it means to be heroic ( I personally cannot wait to read it.) The second anthology hopes to explore an equally important theme, that strangely hasn't seemed to have been tackled by any anthology I've read.

I'm talking of course about the journey. Now we all know that the destination is the ultimate goal but it is the journey where the various characters truly discover themselves. It is the journey where the naive boy/girl gains the experience and training necessary to become a king/queen. It is the journey where the heartless warrior earns a heart e.t.c.

Unsurprisingly the members of this group love fantasy and this new anthology will be a great chance to do something other anthologies haven't.  There is a lot of versatility in writing for this anthology, whether it be an emotional journey inward or a physical journey outward.

Perhaps you have a character that you love, but for whatever reason weren't able to explore their journey in your main story. For those of you with detailed maps of your created worlds I am quite certain that there is a legendary island or lost land that you would love to have the chance to explore but couldn't because it didn't fit in with your main story. This anthology would be the perfect place for you to take such journeys with your characters.

While I do consider this second anthology to be a companion piece to the first, it doesn't have to be directly tied with what you have written for the first anthology. You also do not have to have been apart of the first anthology to be apart of this second one.

Much like the first anthology the second will deal with a theme (the journey) but it will be completely up to you the way you see that journey taking place as well as how your character takes that journey.

Please keep in mind that I am aware that many of you have a number of projects that you are working on ( I have four myself at this very moment). The priority of this group at the moment is to get the first anthology edited and published. So it will probably be a good 6 months before this second anthology can get moving.

Given the uniqueness of this anthology I thought it would be best to mention it now and give you all ample time to have a really good think about it. Provided of course enough of us are interested in this second anthology, an official announcement will be posted sometime down the line.

For now allow this idea to stew in the back of your mind while you get some of your other projects finished. Speaking of which I better get back to it!

Look forward to working with you on this anthology when it becomes official.      

About Heroic Fantasy Writers

HeroicFantasyWriters.com was conceived in a discussion on the Heroic Fantasy Facebook Group.  The group has been experiencing tremendous growth lately, and one of our members thought it might be nice to have a tie-in web page to go along with the group.  So, after about 15 hours of wrestling with blogger's idiotic template designer...this page now exists.

HeroicFantasyWriters.com will allow members the opportunity to post items here that are more suited to the internet than to a Facebook group.  This page is also linked to the Facebook Group so anything posted here will immediately be exposed to the 1,700+ members of Heroic Fantasy, as well as to the Facebook pages of our contributors.

This page will discuss and promote fantasy authors in the following ways:

  • Featured Cover Background image:  The background of this page will change monthly to highlight a different novel.  The featured novel will also appear in a thumbnail in the upper left corner of the main page.
  • Reviews: We are developing a list of reviewers for this page.
  • Interviews: Our contributors will post interviews on this page.
  • Cover Reveals/Book Giveaways/Etc.:  Essentially we're willing to do anything to promote somebody's book.

This whole concept is still in the planning phase and we are currently looking for contributors (note: we're OK with posting reprints here).  This is not a full-time proposition, nor is it limited to Fantasy writers.  However, working knowledge of typical blog interfaces is preferred.  If you want an invite to contribute to this page, please send an email to: walterrhein at gmail dot com.