Renowned Fantasy Author Janet Morris (of Thieves' World) Praises "The Bone Sword"

I recently had a post on my Facebook group "Heroic Fantasy" about a negative review I recently received.  This post led to a discussion with Janet Morris, author of many of the Thieves' World Titles, as well as The Sacred Band and Angels in Hell.  She ended up doing me the honor of picking up "The Bone Sword" (which is currently available on kindle for only 99 cents!) and writing this excellent review!  Thanks Janet:

"A new Hero for a Legendary Tradition: The Bone Sword knows its readers and gives us a strong new hero for a beloved tradition badly in need of one. The novel starts hard and fast and stays that way, yet you can feel, smell, and taste every moment of the action. Its hero, Malik, is ill at the start, cold and miserable: a young swordsman in hostile territory, facing unknowable dangers. Written to catch you by the throat and hold on tight, the prose never lets up. What more do you need: a rousing adventure, a new hero destined for greatness, and a writer who can take you where you want to go?"

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