Shells chats with author Adrianne Sainte-Eve

Please tell the readers a bit about your book, Horizontal Collaborator?

Horizontal Collaborator is the story of Violette Clary, a barmaid in Montmartre during World War 1, who becomes a double agent for France. She is sent to Spain and becomes the mistress of the German Chief of Naval Intelligence. We follow her on her adventures through Europe.

Where did the idea come from for Horizontal Collaborator?

I am fascinated with spies. The character Violette was very loosely based on Marthe Richard, an espionage agent who worked for France during WW1. There was a book about her called The Skylark, published in 1932 and written by Major Georges Ladoux. He was the chief of the French Counter-Espionage Service and appears as Major Georges St. Denis in my book. The German Chief of Naval Intelligence, with whom Marthe Richard had an affair, appears as Leo von Beringer in Horizontal Collaborator, but his character is purely my own. Her story was a great starting point, but most of my book is pure fiction.

How long did it take for you to write Horizontal Collaborator and what kind of research was involved for it?

I worked on the book on and off for about a year, stopping periodically to do a lot of reading in different areas. I really enjoyed the research part, getting a chance to read up on a lot of interesting subjects. But once I really got going I would say the actual writing took me about four months of working every day.

For Horizontal Collaborator, how important was it for information to be accurate?

It was very important, which was why I kept stopping to research things. I was writing about an actual period in history and had to know what I was talking about.

If you had to pick one thing that was your favorite about Horizontal Collaborator what would it be?

The characters, their different personalities and points of view were the most important part for me, and the most enjoyable to write about.

What would you like readers to get out of Horizontal Collaborator?

That things are not often what they seem, and never black and white. Everything is subject to interpretation, and we filter everything through our own perceptions, and seldom get anything right.

Where can readers buy Horizontal Collaborator?

It’s available on Amazon and also through my publisher, Total Recall Press. There are links to both on my website.

Are there any upcoming projects you can share with our readers?

I am currently working on a new novel dealing with the theme of disorderly conduct. I have resurrected some of the characters from my first novel, but it is not a sequel. I just miss them and have more to say about them.

Where can readers find out more about you?

My website is There is also link to my wonderful friends at www.promotionsalacarte, where I have an author page.

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