Shells chats with author and artist Robert A. Hastings

The Blue Kangaroo: It's nice to be different, is a delightful children's book dealing with Little Joey, a blue kangaroo, who has to adjust to his surroundings. This book is also beautifully illustrated by Robert A. Hastings who is also the author of this book.

I enjoyed reading this as it was not only charming and had great illustrations, but it allows children to be able to understand a simple but very rewarding experience learning how even an animal will need to learn how to adjust to his surroundings and be happy.

I had the amazing opportunity to talk with Robert A. Hastings about his book and life as a writer and artist.

Where did the idea come from to write The Blue Kangaroo: It's nice to be different?

I wrote the original story over 12 years ago for my granddaughters for a Christmas present. I came across the original first draft about 12 months ago and decided to rewrite the story and I replaced my granddaughters with my grandsons. It seemed like a perfect fit. I changed some of the original story and added some new illustrations.

The illustrations are wonderful and very charming, were children in mind when you created them?

I wrote and did the illustration always using my grandsons as the guide. They had no problem telling me if the story worked. They saw the first proof and liked it.

You did both the illustrations and wrote the story for The Blue Kangaroo: It's nice to be different. When working with this book, did you find anything challenging in the process?

I'm not sure if I’m different from other writer/illustrators but I write at the computer and I can see the story and the illustrations in my mind’s eye. I know what the finished painting will look like before I draw the first line or paint the first stroke and where it belongs in the story. The most difficult thing for me is to know when to stop, being sure on an ending point that works.

Where can readers buy The Blue Kangaroo: It's nice to be different?

The Blue Kangaroo (It's Nice to be Different) is available through and also on amazon.

Are you planning to write any more books?

I have completed a second book that is available The Spirit Wolf (Life is a Never Ending Lesson) it is also available through createspace and amazon. The Spirit Wolf is a series, in fact I have finished the follow on book. I am being encouraged to write follow on stories to The Blue Kangaroo which I am currently beginning work on.

When did you want to become an artist?

I have always been an artist of some kind since I was a child, cartoon, then people and wildlife.

What is your favorite medium to work with?

My favorite medium is water colors and ink. I do all drawings in ink including the detailing and then I paint them.

Are there any future events you may be appearing at you can share with us?

Not as yet. I have been without a normal speaking voice for about 6 months but I think it is a point where I'm ready to do any promotion needed. I will be doing an on-air interview on Global Talk Radio and I will inform you of the date when I know.

Where can people know more about you or buy some of your art?

I have a webpage