Shells chats with Keandre Curry

What prompted you to want to be a motivational speaker?

As the founder and executive director of the Coalition for Peace of America, which is devoted to the task, I spoke to many at-risk youth and received so much positive results that I decided to continue speaking.

How important is it for one to look at their life and their surroundings?

It’s very important for one to look at their life and think of ways to improve it. Most of the time one fails because of behavior and lifestyle, not because of their surroundings. One can be in a room with people gossiping, but doesn’t mean one has to participate in the gossiping. Life is just choices and all about being successful and happy. One will most likely achieve both with right decision making.

You are very active in learning and speaking about world issues, politics and just life around us and now have joined Morning Eyes Magazine as a political writer. Can you tell us a bit about the magazine and what type of information you are hoping to get out to the public?

I enjoy speaking about world issues, because it brings out my character, compassions and goal to make the world a better and safer place. About two weeks ago, I joined the Morning Eyes Magazine; an online publication that provides tips, advice, and news on politics, entertainment, business, health and more. Twice a week, I write articles regarding political issues that will affect the general public; to promote awareness and knowledge.

You also have a blog talk radio show called Keandre Curry in the Mix. What time is this show on and what is it about?

The radio show is about learning more about national issues and getting in-depth information on the latest breaking news. The show will be airing on September 12th and right now we are accepting time suggestions and guest requests.

Amongst speaking, a blog talk radio show, a writer for Morning Eyes America, you are also an author and have a book out called Life’s simple point. What is this book about and how important was it for you to write it?

Life’s Simple Point is a self-help book that gives advice on handling obstacles, motivation to make necessary life changes, inspiration to live positive and courage to alleviate distractions and nonessential aspects in one’s life. This book can help so many stressed and depressed people, whether they like reading or not. I want everyone to live their life happy, so I had to write this book.

Do you have any plans to write more books?

Right now, I’m working with individuals that have book ideas and looking into releasing my new book, Beyond the Worst, an inspirational story of three lawyers whom are going through hardship, but overcome it to live happier lives. Check out my website for the release date.

Any upcoming speaking events, book signings or appearances that you can share with us?

I have no events scheduled for the next month, but is planning a few surprise appearances in October. Just go to my website to request an event, signing or appearance!

Where can our readers learn more about you?

Readers can learn more about me at my website,, or can just email me at

What is the one most important thing you have learned about life, people and the world around you that you would wish to tell our readers?

Live every day the best I can, and treat my surrounding the way that I want to be treated and respected. Readers are sometimes pessimistic about new authors, so I just ask readers to check out my website and give my works a chance beyond any perception. Thank you for the interview!

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