Shells Chats with author Eric S. Brown

Some people say that authors have to sacrifice a lot for their craft. Do you feel this is the case?

Yes. I know I work every minute I can. It's like an addiction. It's caused problems for my family, cost me a social life, makes it nearly impossible for me to read for pleasure as I can't read something and write at the same time, and even put me in the hospital for pushing myself too hard. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears is put into my work and I hope it shows in my books like Bigfoot War.

What is the most important thing you have learned as an author?

Two things actually. Never give up, success could be just around the corner and don't let other folks get you down whether they're talking crap about your work or you're comparing yourself to them and saying "I must suck if whoever is doing so well and I'm not at the moment".

It has been rumored that you write out your stories on a notebook, then type it into the computer. Is this true and how has it helped you with the writing process?

It's true. I write everything out by hand first. It's better for me creatively. And yes, it helps as it allows me to proof and make changes as I type it up like I was doing a second draft.

Zombies have become more popular than ever in the Horror genre. Do you feel that zombies are being overdone?

I love zombies but personally I am in Bigfoot and southern horror mode these days. I am still writing some Z shorts but the books I am working on are all part of the Bigfoot War trilogy. I just started part 3 recently.

How has comics influenced your life and writing?

You could say that. I have a closet full of "Flash" shirts and so many comics, they have an entire room to themselves but other storage places. I love them and talk about them all time. Not to mention, spend way too much money on them sometimes.

Can you tell us a bit about The Human Experiment and Anti-Heros?

Both of those books feature my original hero Agent Robert Death. He's a very dark character struggling with a lot of inner issues but somehow ends up being a good guy at the end of the day despite being a jerk. In his origin book, The Human Experiment, he literally takes on a man made god and in Anti-Heroes he heads to the south to fight zombies. He's a very fun character to write.

Why do you think people have an obsession with sasquatch?

I think there's some truth to all the stories and legends. I grew up in the south so I know I was terrified one of them was waiting outside my bedroom window to break in and tear me limb from limb in the middle of the night. I have always loved Bigfoot horror films just like I have zombies. Bigfoot War was a dream project for me and likely my most personal book to date. All I can tell you is, for me, I am obsessed with Bigfoot currently because he's cool and scary.

Can you tell us about Bigfoot war?

The first book in the trilogy, Bigfoot War, is my fanboy love song to all those Bigfoot horror films I watched as a kid and still watch only crazier. It's the tale of one little town of eight hundred people who make a mistake and end facing an entire tribe of Bigfoot creatures who come out of the woods looking for vengeance. I can't say much about the rest of the trilogy yet but book II is coming soon and things get more and more insane as the story goes.

Rumors have it that a squeal is in the works for Bigfoot War. Is that true and if so can you share a bit about it with us?

Yep, there's Bigfoot War II: Dead in the Woods which is in edits with Coscom Entertainment as I type this and I have begun work on the 3rd book. It's working title is Bigfoot War III: Food Chain.

Marketing is a big thing for authors these days. How do you handle the stress of marketing and can you share any tips to new authors?

Not really. I just try to make sure I answer all my fan mail, do as many interviews as I can, and stay active on social networks like Facebook.

Any current projects you are working on that you can share with us?

I just finished a new novella featuring apocalyptic monsters of my own creation entitled "Into the Light". As of now, I am backing away from longer works other than Bigfoot War III for a bit and going back to my roots writing a lot of short fiction.

Where can people find out more about you?

I am on Facebook and you can find almost all of my books on There's a rough author's page there too.

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