Shells Chats with author Benjamin Rogers

Some people feel humor should not be included with the horror genre. How do you feel about that?

Humor is fine in a horror story. That isn’t a problem but the story should have more than a couple good wisecracks in it. Humor needs to fit the story.

While you were in the Navy you traveled a lot. How has that influenced your writing?

Quite a bit actually. A lot of the people I have met and places I have been play large roles in my stories. I met a lot of good people around the world in some beautiful and not so beautiful places. A lot of good times and bad. Things like that can only influence what comes from your mind.

You wear a lot of hats now in life. How do you find the time to write and how does day to day experiences drop into your writing?

Actually my day to day life I try to keep out of my writing. It’s my current personal life and I try not to let it out. Finding time to write has been incredibly difficult as of late. With a little one (under 2) it’s very tough. I try to fit it in when I can. It’s the best I can do.

I know several authors, including myself, who have said poetry was an outlet for them. Is that how it is for you as well?

Yes. Poetry is a massive outlet for me. I can release a lot of pent up emotion through those short words. A great stress reliever!

Short stories can be a lot of fun to write at times, but also at times hard. What do you find the most difficult about writing short stories?

To me it is the amount of space you have. Flash is without a doubt the hardest but all short stories for me are tough because I always have these grandiose ideas I want to achieve and just can’t pull it off in less than 5 – 10k.

What would you tell a first time author based on your experience, the one main difference between writing short stories and novels?

You can write a lot more short stories than you can novels. That simple. But I would also say you need to write what your calling is. While I enjoy writing shorts my calling is novels because of the stories I need to tell.

Can you tell us a bit about Faith & Undead, the first in the Trilogy of the Undead?

FAITH & THE UNDEAD is an action packed into to a world that has literally gone to Hell. It is the introductory story to the trilogy that lays out our main characters. The heroes belong to The Home and the bad guys belong to another organization that you’ll learn more about in the second book, CRUSADES & THE UNDEAD.

The main character, Frank Payens, is the sole survivor of a Navy SEAL Team that was ambushed in Panama. He has been bouncing around the country trying to figure out who he is and why he survived. FAITH & THE UNDEAD really surrounds his story of searching and redemption. Plus a buttload of zombies. Can’t forget the zombies.

Where can we find Faith and the Undead?

FAITH & THE UNDEAD is available on Amazon in book and electronic form. We are also planning on releasing a version for the Nook and an audiobook this year. It is also available on Smashwords.

Rumors have it a second book in the trilogy of the Undead is in the works. Can you tell us if these rumors are true and if so, can we have a glimpse into this second book?

CRUSADES is definitely in the works. As for a glimpse, that is tough. CRUSADES is heavily based on FAITH. Suffice it to say that the story in CRUSADES will heavily follow the meaning in the title. Both sides will have ‘missions’ that they need to accomplish.

How important do you feel conventions are for marketing your work?

Conventions are HUGE! Absolutely no doubt about it. It is not about sales but the networking and making yourself visible.

Any upcoming appearances?

Without question I’ll be at Horror Realm in Pittsburgh in September. There will be more engagements scheduled in the future.

Where can people find out more about you?

Samples of my writing and information about me are available on my website which is There are links to Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Cafepress (where I have some FAITH & THE UNDEAD merchandise), and a link to listen to my podcast, Mr. Rogers’ Zombie Neighborhood.

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