Game of Thrones--And Other Fantasy News

Hello All,

Well, the big news is probably that "Game of Thrones" is now showing on HBO. I've been hearing good reviews but I haven't seen an episode yet. For those who have yet to pick up George R. R. Martin's epic work, you're in for a treat (although in my opinion, the guy starts to lose focus a little bit...I had a hard time getting into book 4).

As most of you are authors who are constantly on the lookout for new methods for book promotion, I thought I'd suggest doing some Facebook ads. I've just started experimenting with them and I like the fact that they allow you to set a budget (I couldn't find that option on Google ads...although I may have just not looked hard enough).

My other recent tactic is to be a lurking beast on the Amazon fantasy forum. There seem to be a lot of fantasy writers on there who are willing, at least, to give your book a "like" (hey, everything helps).

That's about it for now, good luck writing, marketing and selling. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to write me at:

Here are the interviews for this month, there's some great stuff in these!

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  1. Walter, you must check out GoT. It is very good. I looked into the FB ads but I don't think the cost/reward was good enough. Maybe I was looking at it wrong but unless everyone who clicked on the ad bought, I'd lose more than I'd make. That's not how you see it?