Shells Chats with author and publisher Jessy Marie Roberts

Have you always been a writer?

I've always enjoyed writing, though I didn't start writing fiction until I was in high school.

You like to cook, has that helped with your writing at all?

Both cooking and writing are creative outlets... I've had many successes (and many disasters) at both! I collect cookbooks and write the occasional recipe, so I am constantly reading and writing about cooking, so I think it might help a little bit.

You worked with Eric S. Brown as a co-author on a project. How was that to work with him and can you tell us a bit about the book?

Eric is fantastic to work with. He has such dark and exciting ideas, and his action sequences are amazing. The best part of working with Eric is his willingness to collaborate and accept my input. Kinberra Down is a sci-fi gore-fest set on an ice-covered planet crawling with bloodthirsty creatures.

If you had to choose a genre to write in what would be your favorite?
Romantic suspense... my favorite genre.

How has being a writer helped with forming Pill Hill Press Publishing?

Being a writer helped me to create a company that celebrates my favorite thing -- speculative fiction. If I wasn't a writer, I don't think I would have ever been inspired to build a small press.

How has your husband helped out with Pill Hill Press?

My husband has helped out with every aspect of Pill Hill Press... I couldn't have made my company without his support.

Why publish anthologies?

I've always enjoyed reading short stories, so publishing anthologies seemed natural.

Pill Hill Press recently accepted Novels for publishing, how do you feel that is different than anthologies, what are the challenges and what are the fun parts?

Novels are fun for the same reason they are challenging -- they are complete stories, with sub-plots and high word counts, and they are the creation of one author. At times they are challenging to edit (because they are long... some places need more detail, some areas need to be chopped out); also, dealing with one author on their project is satisfying, but it is much more intense than dealing with several authors with small contributions to an anthology.

Where can people find out more about Pill Hill Press?

Please visit us at or join our forum at

Any suggestions you would have to a writer wanting to start their first novel?

Write about something you find interesting... and FINISH IT!

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