Free Rhemalda Book Giveaway!

Big news from Rhemalda as always. The number one mind-blowing thing is that for the month of March, Rhemalda is allowing people to download J.S. Chancellor's epic fantasy "Son of Ereubus" for FREE! All you have to do is follow this link. This is a special, one time only offer, so take advantage and do yourself the favor of being introduced to one of fantasy's hottest new authors!

You can also enter the Goodreads competition to win free copies of some of Rhemalda's other upcoming releases like:

So sign up for some of these free giveaways and let us know what you think of these books! You can sign up to win all six of them if you want, and if you tell your friends to sign up and they win...maybe they'll let you borrow the book afterward! But I realize you need something to read before that contest finishes up, so here are some spectacular interviews with some very talented writers, enjoy!

That's it for now, see you soon!

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