"The Bone Sword" and the Hero's Journey by Tom Barczak

Tom Barczak submitted a pretty exceptional short story to this blog not too long ago, you can go and check that out here.  Since then, he's contacted me a couple times about writerly things and even got a hold of a copy of my book "The Bone Sword" to review.  His review has just appeared on Amazon.com and I find it really satisfying.  I think it's kind of interesting how books start to take on a life of their own in the public perception.  You as the author create them with the intention of provoking a certain kind of result, but you really don't know what the book is going to "be" until readers have had the chance to dig into it and get their hands dirty.

I've received good reviews before, but Tom's is the first good review that's a synthesis of interesting ideas.  He even points out a couple things that I can see are in the book, but which I didn't intentionally put there.  Again, there are always going to be a couple things in anything you write which you're just oblivious too.  I guess all writers just have to hope that they're in a "sane" enough mental state that none of the stuff that slips through will reflect too poorly on them.

Anyway, what I appreciate about Tom's review is that it was just as useful to me as the author, as it would be to somebody who has never even picked up the book before.  Also, I just sort of feel there is a little bit more structure to the niche I'm destined to fill as a fantasy writer.  I think I have a better idea of what works and what doesn't, and I'm excited to apply this knowledge to my next work.

Thanks Tom, and for those of you who have read and enjoyed "The Bone Sword," don't forget to send me your reviews!

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