Piers Anthony, Michael Moorcock, and Other Exciting News!

Hello Everyone!
Wow, it's been a busy month. Shells has been especially busy as you can tell by the enormous list of interviews that she's done. Be sure to thank her by checking out her wonderful novel, Dead Practices, on Amazon. I'm sure she'd appreciate a couple positive reviews.

Speaking of reviews, I'm in the market for some reviewers myself. If you're interested in reviewing my Rhemalda released fantasy, "The Bone Sword," let me know at walterrhein at gmail dot com. If you've already BOUGHT my book, write me about that too and I'll send you a review .pdf of my OTHER book, "Dominvs" (it's not on Amazon yet, but it's coming in a few weeks I hope...it's also about 3 times as long as "TBS" so it's worth it).

Anyway, on to the interviews. Thanks for reading!

That's all folks!  Don't forget to write me and request a review copy of my book at walterrhein at gmail dot com!

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