Interview with Raven and the Writing Desk

Here's another interview I did recently, this time with Raven and the Writing desk.  Incidentally, I really like the name and look of this blog.  I believe that the name comes from "Alice in Wonderland."  It's kind of a literary joke.  The Mad Hatter asks Alice "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" only to confide later that the riddle has no answer.  That, however, didn't stop thousands of people throughout the years to write Lewis Carroll and ask him what the answer was.  He eventually got so fed up that he had to come up with an answer to the riddle.  His solution: "It's NEVAR put from back to front."  Of course, when he wrote that, some clever editor got the idea that Carroll had misspelled "never" (instead of having written "RAVEN" backwards) the word was "corrected" and Carroll's answer made no sense.

Other famous names have come up with answers to this Riddle.  One of my favorites is "They both have inky quills" and "Poe wrote on both."

However, I think these are inherently dissatisfying because the question clearly states "Why is a raven..." and not "How is a raven..."  That leads me to believe that, subconsciously or now, Carroll was seeking out some undeniable metaphysical relationship and not a mere riddle.

Why is a Raven like a Writing desk?

To be any other way simply wouldn't fly!

That's the kind of answer that riddle needs....Anyway, enjoy my interview, digg it, like it, tweet it!

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