Words with Kate Richards, author of "Finally, My Love"

1.Can you tell us a little bit about your short stories on Breathless Press?

I subbed my first story there and, to my great wonderment, was accepted. It was the first of four I have contracted with them in my Tales of Internet Romance series and is very special to me, because "Finally, My Love," is loosely based on when I met my husband online nearly ten years ago. I plan to continue to write in this series as long as Breathless and my readers would like me to.

2. What's your background with writing? 

I have always loved writing, but until this year never attempted to have anything published. I have a degree in English from USC, and like to think that my education helps me with my work. I know it helps in editing, which is another job I have in online publishing.

3. Who are your inspirations/influences? 

The people around me, really. "Perfect Partners Dot Com," which is another in my series, is about a group of coworkers who buy an internet dating site membership for a girl in the office who hasn’ t been very lucky in love. Someone I know actually did this for a friend and while the story is fiction, the inspiration was real.

4. How does Breathless Press work and what has your experience with them been like? 

I have the very best editor there, and having Clarissa Yip as my first editor was such a break for me. The publisher is very easygoing and responsive to authors’ requests and concerns.

5. Who was responsible for the cover/book design? 

I have had a few there. The first, "Finally, My Love," was designed by Annie Melton, who has since become a good friend. I have also had Dara England as well as Justyn Perry, the publisher himself, who still does some to keep his hand in I think.

6. What are you doing in terms of marketing/publicity? 

Facebook, of course, I have my own blog and I blog everywhere else I can. As a co-owner of Got Romance Reviews along with Valerie Mann, we try to provide a site where we and other authors can share our work with readers and other people in the industry as well.

7. What genres do you like to work in? 

I primarily write contemporary romance, sometimes erotic and sometimes sweeter. Depends on the characters, really. I also like writing paranormal romance and am looking into fantasy.

8. What can readers expect to find on your blog katerichards.wordpress.com?

Right now you can find my Demons Love Cinnamon Halloween recipe contest. It’s lots of fun seeing how creative people are with their recipes for this fun and spooky time of year.

9. What projects do you have planned for the future? 

I have a few anthology projects in the works with some of my fellow authors who are very talented and kind enough to include me. Oh, and on December 10, "Pirate Lady Holiday" will be released, my Christmas story which I hope readers will like.

10. Is there anything else about you we should know? 

I began reading, apparently, at around four years old. I hope I don’ t stop until I’m 104. Or longer?  I adored Marion Zimmer Bradley’s "Darkover," I never walk away from an ‘end of the world’ novel…or preferably what I call an end of the world as we know it type. Yes, I preferred "The Host" to "Twilight," and dream of writing a really long book in that genre one day.


  1. Great interview, Kate. I am glad I am not the only one who wanders through the genres with wild abandon. :-) I love fantasy and paranormal too and can't wait to read Demon's Love Cinnamon. It is on my laptop waiting for a day with down time.

  2. Becca you will love Demon's Love Cinnamon :) ITs fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! Kate. Love you girl...can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next :)

  3. Great interview! I'm going to check out Kate's site. :)