Of Swords & Sorcery by Teel James Glenn

A few months ago I published a fairly extended debate/discussion with Teel James Glenn on heroes and anti-heroes.  It ended up being a pretty effective glimpse into Mr. Glenn's creative thinking (you can read it here).  In fact, I think there are sections in our little discussion that are almost identical to those found in the forward of "Of Swords & Sorcery."

If you're looking for a collection of "golden age" type heroic fantasy short stories, then "Of Swords & Sorcery" is the book for you.  Mr. Glenn's writing is driven by a frank urgency.  His stories tend to drop the reader right into the thick of the action and then sweep you along on a thundering ride.  In this collection, the stories are separated by short poems that provide nice transitions (and offer the reader a chance to catch his/her breath) in between stories.

It should be noted that this isn't an exclusive "Sword & Sorcery" book as some of the stories have a scientific element thus making them "Sword & Ray Gun Planet Adventures" (a distinction Mr. Glenn notes and attributes to Edgar Rice Burroughs).

But whether it's "Sword & Sorcery" or "Sword and Ray Gun," Mr. Glenn is completely at ease in his description of desperate but heroic men and women in their various confrontations set in basically every realm or region imaginable.  If you're a fan of classic style heroic fantasy, then I can guarantee you'll find something in this collection to enjoy!

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