Walter Rhein Interviews

Pen to Paper
Walter Rhein--Reader of Acheron

Bloomer Advance
Dave Landgraf Contributes to New Birkebeiner Book

Living In Peru
First Time Fantasy Novelist Finds Inspiration in Peru

Innsmouth Free Press Review
Review of The Bone Sword

Hank Quense's Blog
Hank Quense Interviews Walter Rhein

Tales from the Sith Witch
Solid Review of "The Bone Sword"

E.S. Wynn's Blog
A Particularly Good Walter Rhein Interview

The Future Fire
Negative Review of "The Bone Sword"

Hub Pages
Candid Talk With Author Walter Rhein on his new Book, Family and Life in Peru

Cheryl Benson-Hunt
My Interview with Walter Rhein, Author of Newly Released "The Bone Sword"

Author Exchange Blog
Author interview with Walter Rhein

Review: Edi's Book Lighthouse
Edi's Spotlight: The Bone Sword by Walter Rhein

Raven and the Writing Desk
Interview with Walter Rhein

Rodney Dodig
Interview With Walter Rhein

Abandoned Towers
Interview with Walter Rhein

Interview with Author Walter Rhein

Rhemalda Publishing
Interview with Walter Rhein Part 1
Interview with Walter Rhein Part 2
Interview with Walter Rhein Part 3

Julie Achterhoff's Blog
erthwkr at gmail dot com

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