Orcs Rock!, Danila Botha, and A Brother's Hate

Writing, writing writing...sometimes it grinds your fingers down into little wads of sweaty pulp. It's been a bit of a crazy month, and what I realized as I started putting this newsletter for all the fine and hearty Heroic Fantasy fans throughout the world is that...I haven't done a lot of articles on my web page recently...(gasp!).

Well, there's a reason for that. J.S. Chancellor and myself are both getting books published by Rhemalda in November, and part of the promotion is that we're supposed to do 100 days of blog posts. When you think about it, that's almost like we're required to write another NOVEL (you can't complain though...not when somebody asks you to write for them)! Here's an interview with J.S.:

In addition to the blogs, my wife also had a BABY (talk about something that throws you out of your routine)! Here's a picture for all those of you who are interested:

In the end, I was ashamed to realize that I'd done only ONE author interview this month, but it's a good one. Danila Botha is an energetic, extremely talented writer and I think you'll be very interested in what she has to say here:

I also published only ONE short story, but again, this is one that I greatly enjoyed (even if it does have a couple little quirks to it). Read it here:

If you like wizards, here's an article about wizard names in fantasy:

And if you like Orcs, here's an article entitled "Orcs Rock!"

For those of you interested in picking up my novel with Rhemalda, here's the link to pre-order. If you pre-order now, you'll also receive a free coaster with the book:

And here's J.S. Chancellor's link to pre-order her book and get her free coaster as well:

If any of you want me to post an interview on my blog, you can find some start-up interview questions on this page:

Send them along with a .jpg of your book cover to walterrhein@gmail.com and I'll do my best to get you as much publicity as I can!

Cheers, and keep writing!

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