Words with Cassandra Jade, author of "Death's Daughter"

Can you tell us a little bit about Death's Daughter?

Death’s Daughter is the story of Calandra, a seventeen year old girl who thinks she has her life sorted out if only she can get out from underneath the influence of her mother. However, she soon discovers that what she wants doesn’t really count for very much and her life takes some very strange turns once gods and destinies come into play.

Who are your influences as a writer?

I don’t know that I have influences, but I do like reading fantasy that focuses on female protagonists and that deals with character conflicts rather than epic battles. The worlds may be falling apart but the emphasis is on the development of the character. That said I would have to put Katherine Kerr and Traci Harding as two writers I have loved reading growing up and have probably influenced my writing.

What's your writing background?

I’ve always loved writing and telling stories. I’ve also always loved reading and immersing myself in far off lands and magical places. During my studies to become an English teacher I always enjoyed the subjects where I would get to read and analyse novels and really discuss the writing.

How did you come into contact with Lyrical Press?

Mostly I was looking at possible publishing opportunities and I found out about Lyrical Press from another writer’s blog. I’m not sure how or why but when I had a look at the Lyrical Press homepage they were looking for fantasy. I did a little more research and decided to send them Death’s Daughter.

What were the editing and promotional processes like with Lyrical Press?

The editing process was a real eye-opener. Nerine Dorman, the editor for Death’s Daughter, kept in close contact, letting me know what was happening and when she sent back the manuscript for further editing and rewrites she was really helpful in answering any questions about what was wanted or needed. I learned a lot from going through this process about my own writing and found it to be a really positive experience.
Do you have a blog or a web page where your writing is featured?

I have a blog, Cassandra Jade in the Realm, where I discuss my thoughts on writing but I don’t really post my writing. Mostly I like to talk with other people going through the writing process and discuss what works for them and share ideas.

Who did the cover art to your novel? Can you describe what's going on in the image?

Renee Rocco put the cover together. The figure is more symbolic of the protagonist’s character than a physical representation of her. The door behind her is both literal and figurative. There are quite a few doors in the story but it also represents the choices Calandra will make. I really liked this cover because it just feels right for the story and really conveys the sense of mystery and uncertainty that Calandra experiences.

Does Lyrical Press have a print version of their books?

Some of their books have a print version.

What does the future hold for you as a writer?

I have a few projects in editing stages, one is a young adult story while the other is actually more of an epic fantasy but both projects have a lot of work to go. I’ve just started working on a new concept and am really enjoying the drafting stages of it. It is kind of a mix of fantasy and adventure with a little bit of romance thrown in. There are so many story ideas that I would love to develop so I think I’m going to be kept busy as far as writing for awhile.

Is there anything else about you we should know?

Since Death’s Daughter was published I’ve had a few people ask me for advice about writing and getting published. My idea about writing hasn’t changed from before I was published. You need to write because you love to write, not because you want to get published. I think if you focus on the writing and making the story the best that you can at the time, you will feel that you’ve accomplished something amazing when you hold that first print out of your completed work.

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