In the course of doing all the author interviews that I've been occupied with on this page, I've come across a lot of different potential markets. Since I know authors are always out there looking for a new place to submit their work, I've decided to compile a list of every new publishing house and small press that I come across.

However, I want you all to remember that it's important for all of you who are out there looking for a publishing contract to not only submit, you also have to read the works of various publishing houses.  Not only do your purchases keep the houses in business, reading the books let you know what the publishing house is looking for.

Honestly, we live in a really exciting time because there are literally thousands of small presses out there these days.  I've personally interviewed authors from every one of the presses listed below, and I've had novels accepted by two of them.  Small press authors are extremely approachable, and you should take advantage of the resource of contacting them and asking about their achievements (but only do so if you can give them some sort of publicity for their time).

Without further ado, here's the list of small publishers that I've accumulated so far:

Publishing Services

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