"Heroic Fantasy" Newsletter 2

Hello and welcome to the 2nd edition of the once monthly (so as not to clutter up your inboxes) "Heroic Fantasy" newsletter. This has been a great month with an explosion of members adding themselves to the "Heroic Fantasy" group. It's now up to 1,500+ and growing every day!

May was also a huge month for me personally since it saw the publication of my novel "Dominvs" by epress (check it out here). "Dominvs" was originally written back in 2006 at the request of a couple of gamers who'd come across one of my short stories and decided I was an ideal candidate to create a fantasy world for their conceptual video game. In the end, the game never took off, but my novel did (although it's been a long time coming in getting it in print). The only thing available now are the e-versions. I'll let you know when the print versions are available.

May also saw me join the Rhemalda publishing family as they have just offered me a contract for my novel "The Bone Sword." I came across Rhemalda after doing an interview with their fantasy writer J.S. Chancellor. She is currently accepting submissions for an upcoming print publication (go here for details).

I'm also currently accepting submissions for Swordreaver.com. Essentially what I do on my page is give your story a quick rating (Rhein Rating) and then publish it with the hope that other people will lend their opinion. I don't claim to be right on every one of my assessments, and I'd love to hear how people disagree with me (nobody's an expert after all). Keep in mind as you look the short stories over, that I'm an exceptionally difficult grader. A Rhein Rating of 5 is a very good story. For an example of a 10, you'd have to submit something as good as "A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury (which is essentially impossible so don't even worry too much about it). What I've found throughout the years editing people's work is that there are a lot of really great ideas out there, but the problems mostly come in the basic mechanics of how a story is told. I don't like rejecting people outright (because no knowledge is transfered). Instead, I like to point out a couple flaws that are detracting from the tale, and use the story as a resource for writers to get better (this could potentially become overwhelming, so we'll see how long I can sustain it).

Also this month, I have a series of some great interviews with some fantastic authors, and a list of publishers that I've come across by doing these interviews. So make sure you check all these articles out! Who knows, if you're trying to get a work published, you may just find your publisher through "Heroic Fantasy" (don't forget to invite your friends to join)!



Short Stories

Talk to you all next month!

--Walter Rhein

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