Words with Eva Gordon, author of The Wolf Maiden Chronicles

I notice that your book series is called The Wolf Maiden Chronicles, and it occurred to me that I can't remember having ever heard of a female werewolf. Why do you think such an obvious character type has been overlooked?

The last 15 years there have been more female werewolves both in paranormal novels and movies so they are catching up. In fact too many books to name. In my series the alpha females rule the lycan society as part of the Lupercal. They also serve as mercs and their bite is worse than their howl. In the film industry the best female werewolf tales includes Ginger Snaps, Blood and Chocolate, Cursed, and American Werewolf in Paris starts with the bite from a female. Music too is including them. Listen and watch Shakira’s ‘She-Wolf in the Closet’ song.

I'm still having a little bit of difficulty combining the words "werewolf" and "romance." Certainly this has been done in the "Twilight" series, but where vampires are naturally sensuous, werewolves tend to be beasts. How do your werewolves look and act in your works? Are you taking an aggressive approach to sexuality like one might presume a werewolf would enjoy, or are your werewolves refined?

Long before Twilight there have been plenty of paranormal romance books about werewolf love, which is almost as popular as vampire love. Paranormal and fantasy books with werewolves are very different from the horror genre werewolf, which like vampires are monsters. Though one can incorporate a monstrous big bad wolf as the antagonist in the story. The idea that a woman can tame a man with the beast within is hot. Primal men are sexy. These hot romantic werewolves are loyal and protective more like real wolves than their horror counterparts. They are not cursed but more likely hereditary lycans like the ones in my Wolf Maiden Chronicles universe. Once they find their true mates they are bound and women find such devotion very attractive. Responding to the call of the wild, my werewolves want hot perhaps a bit rough sex, but never to the point of harming their mate, which they will protect with their own life if need be. And if their mate is human, they will only make love in human form.

In my universe the lycans only mate within their kind with the exception of the male alphas who can only mate with rare women who bear the wolf paw mark on their left hip. These human mates are known as wolf maidens. Alpha females are sterile; however, they serve as leaders of their kind in the lycan governing body known as the Lupercal

I noticed that you have a background in animal biology, did that affect your choice to use werewolves as your subject matter?

Absolutely, I majored in zoology and biology and am especially interested in wolf behavior and have taught workshops on wolf and werewolf lore. My idea for “Werewolf Sanctuary” came about while volunteering at a real wolf sanctuary. The books I write combine my passion for wildlife and myth.

What's your background in writing?

Because of my career in science, my background was in technical writing, which is opposite from creative writing so I had to flip my head upside down. Technical writing tells the facts and fiction shows everything from emotion to action. My research background helps in the research process. I love research and must not be swept away by it.

Who is your publisher and how have the editing/promoting processes been?

A small press out of Washington State, Vanilla Heart Publishing. The author does the bulk of it.

How many more books are you going to do for the Wolf Maiden Chronicles?

I have at least 10 lycan novels in mind. Have two I just finished that I’m trying to sell to a traditional publisher. I also have a fantasy trilogy and a historical I’m currently working on. All work and no play is play, at least for me.

Anything else about you that we should know?

On my blog I interview famous werewolves or like individuals on each full moon. My website can be found here. Both my website and blog have buy links for Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble and e-book formats.

The ISBN is also listed to order at your favorite bookstore.

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