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I've just started up a Facebook Group called Heroic Fantasy.  As most of you know, you can't hardly get by just writing a book these days, you also have to pound the pavement and grab people by the eyes and MAKE them take a look at it (it's exhausting).  My idea with the Heroic Fantasy Facebook group is to pitch some ideas on how to market your sword and sorcery/fantasy novel.  This will include links as to how to build your own facebook group (which won't be necessary if you participate enough with this one), as well as links to reviews of our writers books, web pages, etc.

I've been writing for close to two decades now (where did the time go?) and I'm finding that the current form of blitzkrieg internet marketing is almost dizzying.  Not only do you have to write about 5-10 100-200 word "articles" just to get noticed, you have to set it up so that these articles publish automatically to all your various social networking accounts (like twitter, facebook, myspace, etc.).  It's crazy.  However there are ways to get your computer to work for you so that all this stuff just happens automatically.
Honestly, I think you have to stick your book in the face of about 1000 people before you can even hope to get even one sale.  Once the thing gets read, hopefully you'll get some word of mouth going, but a lot of these "viral" type of campaigns need a lot of coddling to get going.  You can't do it all by yourself, like anything else you need a community of people behind you and supporting you.

So anyway, just keep checking in here and I'll hopefully have periodic updates for you.

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